DNP develops and provides a wide array of products to meet consumers’ demands for a higher degree of comfort in homes, offices, hospitals and automobiles.


DNP is one of the largest comprehensive printing companies in the world and a major conglomerate in the field of publishing in Japan. Rather than approaching the market solely from the standpoint of a manufacturer, we offer total support as the Japanese publishing industry’s “No. 1 partner.” This includes helping clients with the planning of their marketing and sales promotion projects, sales and distribution of both electronic and paper books, and providing excellent customer service.

Today, we are making the most of the experience that we have accumulated in this field as we focus on hybrid production solutions that meet all of our publishing customers’ needs, including content production for paper and electronic books, and on-demand printing of small-lot publications.


DNP delivers marketing solutions services for the South-Asian market. DNP has worked in a wide variety of disciplines, where we are endlessly refining our printing technologies, defining world-class standards in our industry. DNP provides comprehensive support including media management, Visual Merchandising, global production, and publishing-related marketing services.

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