DNP, using ultra-photographic technique, produces JEITA(EIAJ)-ITE standard Test Charts. Test Charts are used to test and adjust quality of a picture of imaging/receiving devices such as digital cameras or flat panels.

  • JEITA Test Chart
  • ITE Test Chart
  • DNP Standard Test Chart
  • Custom Chart
  • Calibration Chart (Microscope Slide type)
  • Color Space Coordinate Correction Software
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association
Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers

Color Chart with wide color gamut


  • This Color Chart is applied BT.2020*1 or BT.709*2.
  • This Color Chart is only transmission type.
  • The area of the u'v 'chromaticity diagram in CIE1976UCS is as follows.
    ・The area is 100% against BT.709.
    ・The area is 98% against BT.2020.
  • *1 BT.2020 is the requirement mandated by ITU-R for Ultra-high definition television.
    *2 BT.709 is the requirement mandated by ITU-R for high definition television.

Color Chart
Chromaticity Diagram


External Dimensions 320(W) x 290(H)mm
Usable area 136(W) x 76.5(H)mm
Chip size 8(W) x 8(H)mm
Chip type Red*1, Green*1, Blue*1, Yellow*2, Magenta*2, Cyan*2, NIR, Violet White, Gray*3

*1 RGB select either BT.709 or BT.2020
*2 YMC are intermediate color of BT.709 or BT.2020
*3 The luminance ratio of Gray equals to those of BT.709 or BT.2020 Colors.
*External Dimensions / Usable area / Chip size / Chip type Each item can change specification

LED Viewer with D65-like light


  • This Viewer is used violet excitation LED, and have a spectrum close to CIE Standard Illuminant D65 .
  • The color rendering properties is over 97 in Ra, and also the special color rendering properties is over 90.
  • The brightness uniformity is high.
  • The color reproducibility in wide color gamut is high. Even in the high chroma area, color difference is small.
    *Especially in the area of Blue intensity, color difference is smaller than existing one.


Light DNP-LED-D65
Applicable Power Supply AC90V - 230V
Color rendering index Ra>97
Color Temperature 6,504K±325
Luminance 850 - 4,000cd/m2
Unevenness of Luminance ±2.5%
External Dimensions (Frame Dimensions) 385(W)x329(H)x149(D)mm
External Dimensions with handle and switch 394(W)x371(H)x172(D)mm
Illuminance Dimension 250(W)x190(H)mm
Electric Requirements 45W
Weight 8kg

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